Blog - Norway - White-tailed eagles & Golden eagles

January 2016


In early January I took clients oncemore to Flatanger, Norway, to photograph both white-tailed and golden eagles with the world class guide Ole Martin Dahle. Ole's knowledge and expertise, as well as the locations he uses and knows so well, are spectacular, and he is a warm-hearted, fun guy to spend a week with, too.


This was an extended trip, with six full days of wildlife photography. We had three days in the hides photographing wild golden eagles feeding, flying around and occasionally fighting one another bitterly over access to food, all less than 18 metres from the hides; one day in a wildlife park photographing beautiful predators in snowy midwinter conditions; and two days on Ole's boat in the fjords, with white-tailed eagles taking fish from the water within 20 metres of us, twenty or so times each day.


The number of opportunities for getting the shots the clients wanted was abundant, to say the least, and we spent every evening reviewing our photos while sitting around a log fire, in the beautiful house in Lauvsnes where we stay each time we visit.


I am running an identical trip in early January 2017, and I also have two trips, one in August/September 2016 and one in September 2017, which combine photography of wild musk oxen in Dovrefjell National Park with six sessions on Ole's boat in the fjords, photographing wild white-tailed eagles taking fish from the sea. (see images 1 to 3 and 27 to 31 of this slide show for examples of this.) You can find out more here, or email me for full details.

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